When women gather, Turkey changes

How to allow the women to transform the society and to participate in decision making process ? How to strengthen the capacities of the women to involve in the political environment particularly dominated by the men ? Co-founder of the independent Kader association, Selma Acuner, supplies with it an example by supporting women to enter the political life and to transform the society. Let’s go !

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Since its creation in 1997 in Ankara, Kader , the Association for supporting and training women candidates for politics, aims to allow the women to enter the political sphere, not only to promote a wider participation of the women in this domain traditionally reserved for the men, but also to allow the society to benefit from conceptions and sensibility of women. Selma Acuner, co-founder of the organization, teaching and politician, underlines the deficit of representation of the women in public decisions, brings data on the feminine condition in Turkey and on its evolution. Claiming the independence towards the public power and its integrity with funds providers, she describes strategies used by Kader and by the other actors to promote the implication of the women and specially the modification of the penal code through the Turkish penal code platform. An ambitious and effective action that gives her the reasons to hope in a regional platform mobilizing the actors working on the feminine questions and to dream about a Gender Institute in Turkey.

- Interview of Selma Acuner (english - WMV format - 10 Mb) - > Let’s go !

Ankara - Turkey, on July 8, 2005.

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