Fikret Baskaya reviews a capitalized world

Sociologist and economist, activist for a while, Fikret Baskaya tries to promote in Turkey freedom of expression and ideological reform of a world which he considers monolithic and dominated by the neo-liberal model. He explains to us his vision and presents the Free University of Ankara in which he "re-interrogates" models and develops new reflections.

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Many times condemned repeatedly for papers on the Kurdish question in Turkey and for its book Paradigmanin iflasi (Bankruptcy of one paradigm - introduction to a criticism of official ideology) published in 1991, he creates in 1995 Türkiye ve Orta Dogu Forumu Vakfi (foundation for the forum of Turkey and the Middle East called also Free University of Ankara).

Author widely known for its political positions in Turkey, important figure of freedom of expression, he still continues at 65 years old the resistance within Free University of Ankara. A big part of its works were published within Free University which constitutes today a space of reflexion and exchange of knowledge on neoliberaism alternatives.

He wishes to give a wider frame to his work by translating his works abroad and by importing foreigns thought in official ideology of Turkey. Partner of Samir Amin and Third world Forum, he tries also to connect with other cross-border dynamics.

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Ankara - Turkey, on July 13, 2005.


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