The new destiny of Zanella

She is called Zanella. It is her original name, as her motor that is also original. She’s got a motor of 50 cm3 and she waited a new life since the years 1990 in Rio Gallegos in Patagonia. It is done ! With the festive and intensive partnership of the garage El Camino and of the foundation Rincon del Arte of Rio Gallegos, she is got a new destiny. Ignition !
Her former owner Juan Perez living and working on Rio Gallegos (province Santa Cruz to the south of Argentina) decided to buy quickly a car after having understood that the mob that he had just bought would hurt facing the wind of the Patagonia. He was right ! The Zanella remained therefore 15 years in a box without going up higher in temperature that the one of the house of señor Juan Perez, who finally decided to sell it 15 years later to the neighboring garage, which repaints it and resold it to.... Traversées passing around ! Negotiations, first use, then starting of a workshop, modest by its size and big by its ambition, with friends particularly nice in the city of Rio Gallegos and sensitive to the new life of this motorcycle : the garage El Camino, drived by Adrian and Ivan Collazo ; the foundation Rincon del Arte conduced by Norma and Maria Segovia, Célinda, Mauricio and others.

They nearly have all accepted to play in this movie retracing the preparation of Zanella organized on ten days in the capital of Santa Cruz. Let’s start ! (WMV format - 11 Mb)

Two words on the partners of Zanella’s story
- the garage El Camino
So many things have been and will have been possible to do in this garage of mechanics : pose-deposits of motor, fixing and rectificating transmission, brakes, air-conditioning, but also percussions, songs, dance, advanced survey of the feminine psychology, tunning... Owners Adrian and Ivan his brother both from the north of Argentina (Entre Rios) say they do complete mechanics, but it is necessary to add that their place is also a place for a complete meeting. It is better to be going to see what is going there on with the movie. The garage is located at the 920 Maipu street in Rio Gallegos.

- the foundation Rincon del Arte
In 1998, Norma Segovia, professor of plastic arts, specialist of sculpture, invents the Rincon del Arte like a place to show the creation cultural and artisanal of Patagonia and in particular of province of Santa Cruz (250 000 inhabitants for 250 000 km square). First in the Zapiola street of Rio Gallegos, the foundation goes after to get settled in the house of the grandfather Segovia, inventor of the daily la Opinion austral, to the sides of Celinda. It is there that the foundation is acting today, in Rivadavia street, with courses of music, exhibitions and concerts, annexed of a bar that participates in the incomes of the foundation entirely financed by the family Segovia. The place is simple, pretty, the team is like a family.

Rio Gallegos - Patagonia, Argentina. April 1, 2006.


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