Those bikers we see on the road

All touring cyclists dream about wild East, about rises of sun and authentic moments with inhabitants of a cottage warmed with a wood heater. It is for that we meet them on the same road ! The one which connects West and East, from Turkey to Samarkand, until Kashgar and the beginnings of huge China (français - english)

Among these travelers “on a big tour”, we are happy to introduce to you Kendon, Andrew, Torlaf, Hutch and the others...

-Torlaf, the man who talk in the ear of camels

Made in East Berlin with the strongest and resistant building material of this time, all in dipped steel, Torlaf took the “poudre d’escampette” while the wall of Berlin collapsed. First, he left for back-packing countries like India, and then in 1999 and 2000, it is the big jump for a world tour on bicycle which led him from Canada to the Tibet plateau via, already, China.

Distinguishing features : camel spoken (but does not still write it), ride an Iranian bicycle with bags made with a persian carpet.
Favorite expression : Oh ! Fantastik !!

To learn more about Torlaf travels

- Andy, an englishman in China

Architect in London but from Scottish origin, Andy exchange, since early 2005 his “kilt” for a full jacket in polar and gore-tex with which he hopes to go down slowly slowy to Australia to work and to continue to draw new plans in the other hemisphere.

Distinguishing features : speaks English as an englishman, is in link via internet with all the bikers of the planet and records all the particularities of the road on a world database.
Favourite expression : Oh ! It’s fucking cold over here!

- Kendon, an “australo-pithèque” heading for an united world

Built as a back of Australian football team, Kendon is heading for a world tour since October, 2002 with a telephone satellite, a star and a dream. The telephone to answer to the questions of young students in Australia, anywhere on the globe, and to make them sensitive to global citizenship. A star to make " Brink expedition ", the Ngo he set up with is brother, an important actor of the reform of the Australian educational system. And a dream, to make the world more human and more responsible. It is for it that he challenges the Karakorum highway since Kashgar in snow and ice to reach Pakistan, and the world social forum of Karachi.

Distinguishing feature : hates that his first name becomes a synonym for an sex accessory in latex ; is able, for one or two smiles, of taking thousand photos in one day.
Favourite expression : Thank’s mate ! Photos, problem yok ?

To learn more about the Brink expedition

- David a young guy “qui n’en veut” !

25 years old, full of desires, dreams, hopes and also questions about life and world, David left in May 2005 from Montpelier with a simple one way ticket for Ulan-Bator with the Transiberian-express train. Few weeks travelling with a vehicle made him understand that the real road should be pretty different. In Bejing, he bought bicycle and bags and took the way back with the road of Iran and Pakistan via Central Asia, without knowing where would be the finishing line.

What we prefer about him : his way of speaking about the eyes of the Rajastan women in India.
Distinguishing features : looks for some bread and some chocolate permanently, is vegetarian but sleeps pretty well under the warmth of a sheep skin cover !

- Hutch, “a knight in a big heart who is not afraid of anything”

Soldier during the Vietnam war, then crazy worker in American showbizness, Hutch warned the bells at 35 years old. Too much job, too much alcohol, too much stress, too much it’s too much. Since then, he began writing poems and scenarii and obviously bought a bicycle ! He camps today in Kashgar by trying to form young talents in dramatic arts and by savoring his retired time.

Distinguishing features : appreciates a lot thought of Lao Tseu.
Favorite expression : I am a professionnal writer.

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-Tobias, a Danish man escaped from Europe

Carpenter in Copenhagen, Tobias took one year off since last May to exit from Europe from Copenhagen up to Pakistan and China with a leitmotiv : to discover the world and the others in a authentic way. And so why not on bicycle? The biggest surprise, it is, out of Europe, to see attention on you from the local people multiplying by ten notably in Czech Republic and in Pakistan. He experienced the earthquake of Islamabad.

Distinguishing feature : speaks easily alone when nobody accompanies him on the road.

On the picture with Tobias, Sorin, his friend who joined him during two months from Iran and a Canadian friend, coming from Pakistan and of whom the passport, full of visas and borders stamps, becomes thick as a Bible.

- Sylvain, a french tricolored never tired... well, almost ever !

Technical engineer, Sylvain left France with his friend Fabrice for a world tour on “bicloune” via North Africa and West Africa then South America and finally Asia. He is now on his way back to Europe and thinks of earning some money somewhere between Baku and Istambul to keep on heading. How to go back to work after having practising travelling during two years ? If you find a way Sylvain, please inform us !!!

To learn more about Sylvain’s travel.

- Guilin or the strength of the wind

It is rare that other bikers catch up us on the road but this time, it arrived ! His name is Guilin, he is Chinese and he’s making the tour of the desert of Taklamakan. He offered us a snack, called a friend who spoke English on the other side of China just to try to understand who we were and where we wanted to go in his country and then he flew away and disappeared.

Distinguishing feature : rides as fast as the wind of the Taklamakan.
Favourite expression : difficult to say, something as Sheshe (thank you in Chinese).

Without forgetting the travelers crossed on the road, also travelers on a long trip :

The Funambule organization, a new kind of world teachers ; Sophie and Olivier of Bouche à oreilles a new kind of world “hip-hoper” couple ; Alban and Alban two young french men very soon back to France ; Daniel and his girl friend on their way back to Germany with a thaï tuk-tuk after four years spent around the world ; Locky an australian rastaman on a bike ; Henry and his Landy (a german guy met in Togo) on his way for a three year journey across the huge african continent ; a belgian couple on bicycle and experts on world food ; John and Andy (young english teachers in Bejing) on their way back to England ; Nathan on his way back to his native Australia after seven years spent to try to understand the english culture ; Lou and Steven anthropologists english artists lost in the middle of central Asia ; Jean-Baptiste a french canadian around the world ; Sébastien formerly passenger on Marguerite during the crossings of the Sahara desert via Algeria with Traversees and now back in Belgium (where as far as we know he is preparing some new trips) ; Pierrette et Roland inseparable french retired couple, even on their bicycle (they ride a tandem).

These team of strange crossing bikers made the interviews in Kashgar and on the roads of the Xin Jiang province.

And finally and for those who would like to bike a little bit more :

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Qiemo - China, on November 13, 2005.
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