A Shida’s story : The traveler

We met Shida in Tehran and she wrote this story for travelers... « As a child I had a small map of world glob, when I cupped it in my small hand, I felt so safe and its blue color of the seas gave me peace and calm. I used to close my eyes and turn the glob round and round...

... and then point to a place and wished that one day I could travel to all these places which at that time I could not even read the name. Some years later, for a while I felt like a single dot which travels alone and noticed other people doing the same. Then I wished to be a dot no longer, so I continued my travels as often and as long as I could, and then I noticed by connecting the places I was visiting on the map that I was not a dot any longer but a beautiful line, which had no particular shape. It went up to the mountains, went up to the north of the world, it came down to earth, the fields and crossed the oceans, seas, the busy cities and the trafic and people. It was here that I met a fellow traveler who was completing his line on his bicycle » .

Thank you Shida for your letter. If we both follow our life lines, we will crossed once again somewhere on the glob. No ?

Tehran - Iran, the 10th of August, 2005.


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